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S A R U S H I B A I самиздат

Saru Ryujin's monkey showing and Samizdat

Saru Bobo Kun
Everyone seems (ab)normal until you get to know them
I'd rather discuss biscuits.
Nice biscuit, don't you think?

Verum ipsum factum

We Live As We Dream Alone
- Gang of Four
24/24 music, accursed share, acephality, acid house, acid jazz, afro-cuban jazz, afrobeat, akinsomnia, aldus sprak la befana, alles scan, allez tymology, ambient, analogue synthesisers, ant:arctic pilgrimages, anti cellular-phone, anti-foundationalism, art pute, audiophilia, b-list essays, bastard pop, beau cul†, bebop, beestig atheism, big beat, bio frites back, bitextual convers(at)ion, boogie boyish, bossanova, broken beat, caîman doux, chillcore, classical music, constructivist epistemology, crackhead scientists, cyber party unit (c.p.u.), dadavatāra beat pouet poet, dandy bandit, deco dance, deep house, demoscene scout, desk dope publishing, detroit techno, diy not emi, dolcefarnientenism, dub, early industrial music, easy listening, eggs is dense yalism, electric boogaloo, electro funk, electro-punk, electroclash, ethereal bollywood, exotica, exponential watercolour, film boire, forenoon selenium, fraternal sisterwood, freestyle, funk, future jazz, futurist(e) années folles, garage, garage rock, glitch, glossolalia, gogo, hollow head theory, illbient, industrial jazz, insane megaphone man, italo-disco, jazz funk, juxtapositional i(magery), kabukiss, kaos magery, keyed displacement, kinky cosmic nurse, krautrock, kwaito, lackarmony, latin jazz, les niouzazous, lo-fi, loft disco, lounge, mash up, mixed peelings, mod sequencers, modal jazz, mongodroîd, neofolk, neon eon napoleon, new beat, new romantic, new wave, newscorpspace sucks, no wave, nouvelle blague, nu jazz, octarine (tele)vision, old clubs flyers, opera, orthodox acephalism, p-funk, pan paniscus, pandrogenic transhumanism, perforating art snobs, petit maître, poetic principle, polyamoryphous cloning, popcorn, post rock, pre-raphaelite hookerhood, psychomagic, public quiz allergy, punk, rare groove, refined eclecticism, rocksteady, rush couture, samba, say yes! to life, schleisshic, shibuya kei, shoegazer, silent photography, silicon carne, sketching shibari, sleeping in the light, sororal brotherwood, soul, space-age pop, spontaneity recording, straight 8, style not fashion, surf, synthetism, the [d.mancuso] loft, the empire state cottage, traumego, traveler's chess, trip hop, ufo hacking ya, upcoming roaring twenties, urinating life, z-movies, zorba the buddha, Εκάτη, 浮世