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Personal art direction…

One orientation I take is the inclusion of light signals in some of my pieces.
The found or stolen yellow ‘good night*’signalisation warning light,
which I twin with a Wout Vercammen as a new creation,
is an example and a very early reference to my practice,
though it is only here just a signal and no self drawn source sample has been used.

In most other piece I do ‘scan myself’, in other words my own paintings,
drawings or collage then the final piece has to be transported to some sort
of cathode ray system to reach completeness.
Just like if I would invert Luc Tuymans approach, who often source from the
tele-visual screens or smokey polaroïds; I would instead use done paintings,
inks and drawings of mine as root source to be presented only within the unlimited confine of
the ‘cathodic’ realm.

Lightboxes, for some case, could best present these photographs resulting
from the scanned drawings or painted pieces, yet plain photography or screens of all types
would do as well, yet i wish the chosen images fixed, paradoxically by such traditionally more
fluid medium.

I did paint, assembled or draw then scanned, sampled project and finally brought light
or sampled further results for new cathodic or translucent experiments.
Le belle noiseuse m’appelles a peindre. En compagnie de lucifer.

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