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On the deterioration of sound, mastering and music itself

We live in a world of technology - exponentially increasing breakthroughs in all things scientific. So fast that we can't even keep up with it. So why is it that the audio quality of music is degenerating? Music 'sounds' worse. We have stopped listening, we don't have time. We only have time to be smacked in the face by the loudest, most attention-grabbing blast of souped-up noise imaginable until ear fatigue sets in and the desire to 'change the record' takes over. Why are the adverts on TV twice the volume of the regular broadcasts?

Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode / Recoil) tells you

No, it’s not you – records do all sound the same these days. Desperate to get their music on the radio at all costs, record labels are employing a new and powerful software to artificially sweeten it, polish it, make it “louder”… and squeeze out the last drops of its individuality. Tom Whitwell reports on what’s wrong with the sound of music

Side-Line article, Alan Wilder - "Music For The Masses - I think not."
The Word article, Why records DO all sound the same By Tom Whitwell

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