Guy Lee Thys

Although Guy Lee Thys was the only film director which gave direct compliment for my own medium duration super-8 transgressive movie back in the late 1980’s,
I wanted to tell him and everyone well “ Piss-off- Guy Lee Thys “, for your few past month bigot uneducated remark such as “ You are a nice woman but you are not a woman “

Fuck-off old dick-head and go fuck yourself will you.
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Cosmo Ape

Personal art direction…

One orientation I take is the inclusion of light signals in some of my pieces.
The found or stolen yellow ‘good night*’signalisation warning light,
which I twin with a Wout Vercammen as a new creation,
is an example and a very early reference to my practice,
though it is only here just a signal and no self drawn source sample has been used.

In most other piece I do ‘scan myself’, in other words my own paintings,
drawings or collage then the final piece has to be transported to some sort
of cathode ray system to reach completeness.
Just like if I would invert Luc Tuymans approach, who often source from the
tele-visual screens or smokey polaroïds; I would instead use done paintings,
inks and drawings of mine as root source to be presented only within the unlimited confine of
the ‘cathodic’ realm.

Lightboxes, for some case, could best present these photographs resulting
from the scanned drawings or painted pieces, yet plain photography or screens of all types
would do as well, yet i wish the chosen images fixed, paradoxically by such traditionally more
fluid medium.

I did paint, assembled or draw then scanned, sampled project and finally brought light
or sampled further results for new cathodic or translucent experiments.
Le belle noiseuse m’appelles a peindre. En compagnie de lucifer.
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Magick Daggers

Magick Daggers debut album Lions Of Alchemy.

With a a touch of an evil torch laced with the alter ego of post-punk, they have created a fierce sound unique to their locale of Portland, Oregon.
Formed in 2006 by Jessy Montaigne, (member of Subtonix) and Maxamillion Avila (member of Get Hustle), they released their first EP on Manimal Vinyl in 2007.
Their haunting resonance embodies a diabolical merge of 1920s Weimar Cabaret influences contrasted by horror film shrieks and ether static, but still echoes a swampy rock and roll undertone at their more raw edged performances.

This double LP also contains Magick Daggers first EP Black Diamonds on vinyl for the first time.

More info about the band at EXO Records
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Every year 220.000 people are killed by pesticides, worldwide.

The Organic Consumers Association reports that every year 220,000 people are killed by pesticides worldwide.
“We are witnessing a massive corporate genocide – the killing of people for super profits. To maintain these super profits, lies are told about how, without pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), there will be no food. In fact, the conclusions of International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development, undertaken by the United Nations, shows that ecologically organic agriculture produces more food and better food at lower cost than either chemical agriculture or GMOs.”

The high costs of genetically-modified (GM) seeds and pesticides are pushing farmers into debt, and indebted farmers are committing suicide. If one adds the 200,000 farmer suicides in India to the 25,000 killed in Bhopal, we are witnessing a massive corporate genocide – the killing of people for super profits. To maintain these super profits, lies are told about how, without pesticides and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), there will be no food. In fact, the conclusions of International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development, undertaken by the United Nations, shows that ecologically organic agriculture produces more food and better food at lower cost than either chemical agriculture or GMOs.”

Source: Organic Consumers Association and Asian Age
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Asset-stripping in the art world

Last month, two important paintings, once on display at the Royal Cornwall Museum, were quietly auctioned at Christie’s in London. The pictures – ‘Bondage’ by Ernest Normand and ‘The Sea Maiden’ by Herbert Draper – are flamboyant pieces of Victorian erotic art.
Under the hammer each commanded £1million.

They went from being on show for all to see straight into the homes of unnamed private owners, one of whom is based in America. This is the problem with selling off collections: they go out of reach from you and me.

Sir Ferrers Vyvyan, the chairman of the Royal Institution of Cornwall, which owns and manages the museum, said:
We are delighted with the outcome of these sales, particularly in today’s market. The reality is we have had to take some extremely hard decisions and the money realised by the sale of these paintings is a real step forward in ensuring the long-term stability of the RIC and the Royal Cornwall Museum.

So what will the museum spend the money on? Is there a far more important work to acquire?
No. They plan to place the cash in an endowment fund.

The RIC had been hoping for £3million for the two paintings, but it didn’t get that much, partly due to the rocky state of the art market. In other words, a museum sold off two significant paintings to raise money to invest, at a bad time to invest, and achieved one-third less than it had estimated. And now the art work is gone.

This isn’t economising – it’s asset stripping.


Full article by Tiffany Jenkins at Spiked Online
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Are Cameras the New Guns?

In response to a flood of Facebook and YouTube videos that depict police abuse, a new trend in law enforcement is gaining popularity. In at least three states (Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland), it is now illegal to record an on-duty police officer even if the encounter involves you and may be necessary to your defense, and even if the recording is on a public street where no expectation of privacy exists.

The legal justification for arresting the “shooter” rests on existing wiretapping or eavesdropping laws, with statutes against obstructing law enforcement sometimes cited. Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland are among the 12 states in which all parties must consent for a recording to be legal unless, as with TV news crews, it is obvious to all that recording is underway. Since the police do not consent, the camera-wielder can be arrested.   Most all-party-consent states also include an exception for recording in public places where “no expectation of privacy exists” (Illinois does not) but in practice this exception is not being recognized.

Massachusetts attorney June Jensen represented Simon Glik who was arrested for such a recording. She explained, “The statute has been misconstrued by Boston police. You could go to the Boston Common and snap pictures and record if you want.”  Legal scholar and professor Jonathan Turley agrees, “The police are basing this claim on a ridiculous reading of the two-party consent surveillance law — requiring all parties to consent to being taped. I have written in the area of surveillance law and can say that this is utter nonsense.”

The courts, however, disagree. A few weeks ago, an Illinois judge rejected a motion to dismiss an eavesdropping charge against Christopher Drew, who recorded his own arrest for selling one-dollar artwork on the streets of Chicago. Although the misdemeanor charges of not having a peddler’s license and peddling in a prohibited area were dropped, Drew is being prosecuted for illegal recording, a Class I felony punishable by 4 to 15 years in prison.

In 2001, when Michael Hyde was arrested for criminally violating the state’s electronic surveillance law — aka recording a police encounter — the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld his conviction 4-2. In dissent, Chief Justice Margaret Marshall stated, “Citizens have a particularly important role to play when the official conduct at issue is that of the police. Their role cannot be performed if citizens must fear criminal reprisals….” (Note: In some states it is the audio alone that makes the recording illegal.)

The selection of “shooters” targeted for prosecution do, indeed, suggest a pattern of either reprisal or an attempt to intimidate.
Glik captured a police action on his cellphone to document what he considered to be excessive force. He was not only arrested, his phone was also seized.
On his website Drew wrote, “Myself and three other artists who documented my actions tried for two months to get the police to arrest me for selling art downtown so we could test the Chicago peddlers license law. The police hesitated for two months because they knew it would mean a federal court case. With this felony charge they are trying to avoid this test and ruin me financially and stain my credibility.”
Hyde used his recording to file a harassment complaint against the police. After doing so, he was criminally charged.

In short, recordings that are flattering to the police — an officer kissing a baby or rescuing a dog — will almost certainly not result in prosecution even if they are done without all-party consent. The only people who seem prone to prosecution are those who embarrass or confront the police, or who somehow challenge the law. If true, then the prosecutions are a form of social control to discourage criticism of the police or simple dissent.

A recent arrest in Maryland is both typical and disturbing.
On March 5, 24-year-old Anthony John Graber III’s motorcycle was pulled over for speeding. He is currently facing criminal charges for a video he recorded on his helmet-mounted camera during the traffic stop.

The case is disturbing because:

1) Graber was not arrested immediately. Ten days after the encounter, he posted some of he material to YouTube, and it embarrassed Trooper J. D. Uhler. The trooper, who was in plainclothes and an unmarked car, jumped out waving a gun and screaming. Only later did Uhler identify himself as a police officer. When the YouTube video was discovered the police got a warrant against Graber, searched his parents’ house (where he presumably lives), seized equipment, and charged him with a violation of wiretapping law.

2) Baltimore criminal defense attorney Steven D. Silverman said he had never heard of the Maryland wiretap law being used in this manner. In other words, Maryland has joined the expanding trend of criminalizing the act of recording police abuse. Silverman surmises, “It’s more [about] ‘contempt of cop’ than the violation of the wiretapping law.”

3) Police spokesman Gregory M. Shipley is defending the pursuit of charges against Graber, denying that it is “some capricious retribution” and citing as justification the particularly egregious nature of Graber’s traffic offenses. Oddly, however, the offenses were not so egregious as to cause his arrest before the video appeared.

Almost without exception, police officials have staunchly supported the arresting officers. This argues strongly against the idea that some rogue officers are overreacting or that a few cops have something to hide. “Arrest those who record the police” appears to be official policy, and it’s backed by the courts.
Carlos Miller at the Photography Is Not A Crime [1] website offers an explanation: “For the second time in less than a month, a police officer was convicted from evidence obtained from a videotape.
The first officer to be convicted was New York City Police Officer Patrick Pogan, who would never have stood trial had it not been for a video posted on Youtube showing him body slamming a bicyclist before charging him with assault on an officer. The second officer to be convicted was Ottawa Hills (Ohio) Police Officer Thomas White, who shot a motorcyclist in the back after a traffic stop, permanently paralyzing the 24-year-old man.”

When the police act as though cameras were the equivalent of guns pointed at them, there is a sense in which they are correct. Cameras have become the most effective weapon that ordinary people have to protect against and to expose police abuse. And the police want it to stop.

Happily, even as the practice of arresting “shooters” expands, there are signs of effective backlash. At least one Pennsylvania jurisdiction has reaffirmed the right to video in public places. As part of a settlement with ACLU attorneys who represented an arrested “shooter,” the police in Spring City and East Vincent Township adopted a written policy allowing the recording of on-duty policemen.

As journalist Radley Balko declares, “State legislatures should consider passing laws explicitly making it legal to record on-duty law enforcement officials.”

Source: The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty
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Foi dans mon Foie!

Le foie et les plantes médicinales

Certaines plantes sont très efficaces pour stimuler le système hépatique. Il y en a deux sortes: Les plantes cholérétiques et les plantes cholagogues. Les cholérétiques stimulent la production de la bile, tandis que les cholagogues en facilitent l’évacuation.
Parmi ces plantes: l’artichaut, la chicorée sauvage, le boldo… Pour en savoir plus sur ces plantes et les moyens de les utiliser pour soigner le foie, se reporter au livre de Robert Dehin.

Cure d’huile d’olive

L’huile d’olive aussi est excellente pour le foie.
Elle est, par exemple, à prendre par cure d’une à deux cuillérées à soupe le matin avant le petit-déjeuner pendant dix à quinze jours. Cela suffit déjà à procurer un premier nettoyage du foie.

Il est aussi possible, après avoir légèrement mangé la veille au soir, le matin, au lever, à jeun, de prendre 150 millilitres (15 centilitres), soit une dizaine de cuillers à soupe, à la suite de quoi il convient de s’allonger sur le côté, en demeurant droit pendant une bonne demi-heure.

L’une ou l’autre de ces deux cures peut être renouvelée avec profit plusieurs fois dans l’année.
En quel état est votre foie? Et votre vésicule? Êtes vous sûr de ne pas avoir de calculs? Comment le savoir? Comment en être sûr?

Même s’il existe différents symptômes, une seule façon d’en être absolument sûr: Faire le nettoyage!
En effet, si vous avez des doutes sur la propreté de votre peau, vous pourrez, par exemple, prendre un bain et une douche. Selon la couleur de l’eau, claire ou trouble, il est possible de savoir si la peau était propre ou pas.

Pour le foie, c’est pareil! Si vous faites le nettoyage et que vous apercevez que vous «pondez» ensuite des «petits pois verts», c’est que vous aviez grand besoin de faire la cure! Si rien de semblable ne ressort de vous, c’est que le nettoyage était superflu. Toutefois, toutes les personnes qui ont fait le grand nettoyage dans mon entourage ont toutes «pondu» un certain nombre de «petits pois verts» plus ou moins gros…


Le grand nettoyage du foie
Le foie, en bon «chien de garde», est le meilleur ami de l’organisme humain. Mais si le chien est engourdi, c’est qu’il a besoin d’un bon décrassage…
C’est le nettoyage du foie de la Doctoresse Clark!

Cela consiste essentiellement à drainer le foie et la vésicule biliaire avec de l’huile d’olive et du jus de pamplemousse.

L’huile d’olive stimule la vésicule biliaire, qui produit alors une grande quantité de sécrétions variées, lesquelles ont pour effet de déloger puis d’évacuer les calculs gênant la fonction de certains canaux biliaires. Entreprise en temps opportun, cette cure fort simple à mettre en œuvre – et tout à fait sûre – peut non seulement éviter une intervention chirurgicale mais aussi plein d’autre maux...

Source: Foi dans mon Foie! - Art de Vivre Sain

The Greeks Get It

What is happening in Greece, what will happen in Spain and Portugal, what is starting to happen here in states such as California, is the work of a global, white-collar criminal class. No government, including our own, will defy them. It is up to us. Barack Obama is simply the latest face that masks the corporate state. His administration serves corporate interests, not ours. Obama, like Goldman Sachs or Citibank, does not want the public to see how the Federal Reserve Bank acts as a private account and ATM machine for Wall Street at our expense. He, too, has helped orchestrate the largest transference of wealth upward in American history. He serves our imperial wars, refuses to restore civil liberties, and has not tamed our crippling deficits. His administration gutted regulatory agencies that permitted BP to turn the Gulf of Mexico into a toxic swamp. The refusal of Obama to intervene in a meaningful way to save the gulf’s ecosystem and curtail the abuses of the natural gas and oil corporations is not an accident. He knows where power lies. BP and its employees handed more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

We are facing the collapse of the world’s financial system. It is the end of globalization. And in these final moments the rich are trying to get all they can while there is still time. The fusion of corporatism, militarism and internal and external intelligence agencies—much of their work done by private contractors—has given these corporations terrifying mechanisms of control. Think of it, as the Greeks do, as a species of foreign occupation. Think of the Greek riots as a struggle for liberation.


Macdonald detailed in his 1946 essay “The Root Is Man” the marriage between capitalism and permanent war. He despaired of an effective resistance until the permanent war economy, and the mentality that went with it, was defeated. Macdonald, who was an anarchist, saw that the Marxists and the liberal class in Western democracies had both mistakenly placed their faith for human progress in the goodness of the state. This faith, he noted, was a huge error. The state, whether in the capitalist United States or the communist Soviet Union, eventually devoured its children. And it did this by using the organs of mass propaganda to keep its populations afraid and in a state of endless war. It did this by insisting that human beings be sacrificed before the sacred idol of the market or the utopian worker’s paradise. The war state provides a constant stream of enemies, whether the German Hun, the Bolshevik, the Nazi, the Soviet agent or the Islamic terrorist. Fear and war, Macdonald understood, was the mechanism that let oligarchs pillage in the name of national security.

Full article from Chris Hedges at Truthdig